Renate Schepen

I connect people, ideas and worlds in lectures, trainings and dialogues.

By traveling bothe physically and mentally, meeting people and as a Doctor of Philosophy I connect academia with the world of lived experience. I do that with my own company doordacht.

I invite you to explore obvious and less obvious ways of looking at the world with me to refresh your world view!

It's so nice to work with Renate. I always learn something new from it. It helps me to get deeper insights and to connect more with people and to improve the positioning of our organization. Working with Renate: Very special, sometimes it feels like magic."
Karin Hanekroot, Director Volunteer Academy Amsterdam

Lectures & Trainings

In many areas, dominant thinking from a Western perspective is no longer appropriate. We need new ideas. Based on philosophies from other cultures, I offer different approaches and link these to new ways of acting.


Change your worldview

Do you want to introduce people at a festival, introduction week or team gathering to innovative insights for dealing with themes such as 'difference', 'time' and 'nature'. African and Latin American philosophies offer fascinating alternatives.
Interactive lecture. 1,5- 2 hours.

Philosophy for Daily Life

How do you deal with different perspectives and identities? How can philosophical knowledge help you in everyday life? In this training you will take on the challenge to investigate this on the basis of African and Latin American philosophies. Get to know not only yourself, but also your colleagues better. 
Group training, maximum 10 people, for example 3 training sessions of 3 hours
Inspiring course! The course increases the understanding of how it is possible that knowledge has been lost or not recognized. And offers multiple perspectives to think about diversity and inclusion. For me, the course is an intensive, exciting and intriguing journey that has not yet ended."
Sandy Achthoven, student summerschool African and Latin-American Philosophy

Dialogues  & Events

Do you want a group conversation, in which all parties involved are represented and included in the discussion?  This could be facilitated by me. In addition, I initiate meetings at festivals and events, in which the body can participate, such as between philosophers, aikido masters, performance artists and biologists. See examples below.


Here I connect philosophers, artists, lived-experience-experts and scientists and theory and practice. They encourage, In interaction with the public new ways of thinking and acting on current social themes. As an initiator, I identify gaps in the social debate and initiate non-obvious encounters. Apparent boundaries turn out to be Dotted Lines.
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IDEA - Designing your  Innerworld

An ambitious event where philosophers, artists and writers offer new perspectives with special attention on how people within different cultures shape their values and organize their inner world. Together with Filosofie Oost-West I organized IDEA, a festival about practical world philosophy and 'the design of your inner world'. We offered visitors tools to deal with everyday questions about living, working, relationships, nutrition, love, life and death from a philosophical perspective.
Ms. Schepen shows that she is willing to experiment in a very avante-garde way, like the Fluxus art movement did, with performance art works, as an unconventional way to get across to an audience – or shall we say participants – a philosophical and historical point.
Gail Presbey, Professor of Philosophy, University of Detroit Mercy

About me

My interest in people, how we think and how we understand each other, has been nurtured by travel and encounters. Other points of view enrich and broaden my world. I would like to share the impact these can have.

Intercultural Philosopher

I am an independent philosopher. My research focuses on intercultural philosophy and dialogues, and I contribute on the academic, public and private sector with advice, research, education and publications. After working for 20 years in international management positions, In 2015 I made a decision to dedicate my time to philosophy and yoga. In 2021 I completed my PhD (with honours) at the University of Vienna. Besides, I studied at universities in Uruguay, Ghana and the Netherlands.
Renate combines her impressive knowledge of African and Latin American philosophy with excellent didactic qualities, contagious enthusiasm and a good sense of current debates in the public sphere. Really someone who thinks along and keeps her audience in sight.
Marthe Kerkwijk, Filosoof en Programmamanager Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte


Register for one of the public lectures or philosophy courses I teach at The School of Life and  the International School of Philosophy, the master classes for the Volunteer Academy or courses at universities.
start 18 februari 2023

Basiscursus Interculturele Filosofie

Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte
More information
start 21 juni 2023

Transatlantisch denken in Italië

Villa Sofia Italie
More information
start 19 juli 2023

Summercourse Afrikaanse en Latijns-Amerikaanse filosofie

Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte
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I wrote a number of publications and books and worked at publishing house Ten Have where I published a series of philosophy books.

Own Publications

Kimmerle's Intercultural Philosophy and Beyond: The Ongoing Quest for Epistemic Justice
To be published
Meer info
Dialogues Between Art and Philosophy Dorit Weintal and Renate Schepen
Filosofie van het verstaan
'Hulp bij het ombuigen van een hopeloos verstarde discussie in een constructieve dialoog' Trouw
Doordenken doorwerken, intercultureel en ecosociaal denken en doen
'Als u over zulke kwesties stevig door wilt denken [...] vindt u in dit boek een rijke bron aan radicaal vernieuwende ideeen.' Trouw
Denken in dialogen

Published Books

  • Sophie Oluwole
    Socrates en Orunmila
    Robert Moor
    Over paden
    Angela Saini
    Mogobe Ramose
    Timothy Morton
    Ecologisch wezen
  • Babah Tarawally
    Gevangen in zwart wit denken
    Alberto Acosta
    Buen Vivir
    Christian Madsbjerg
    Filosofie in een tijd van Big Data
    Christine Cayol
    Waarom de Chinezen de tijd mee hebben
    David Bohm
    Over dialoog

Contact  me

What is the issue you want to investigate or raise? Together we can discuss which form suits best with your needs: A dialogue, training, lecture or publication? Let's get acquainted. I like to think along with you!


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